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8/26/15 Vanessa Elizabeth (Wander Onwards)

Photo courtesy of wanderonwards.org
Photo courtesy of wanderonwards.org

Brenda talks to fellow twentysomething (and high school alumnus), Vanessa Elizabeth of the travel and lifestyle blog, Wander Onwards. Vanessa shares her early feelings of finding something better, just how the hell did she end up living in China, and just a few of the struggles of living abroad. They then discuss feeling unsafe in America vs. other countries, and the wealth of tips for cheap traveling. Also, OF COURSE, she talks about the insanely viral article “23 Things To Do Other Than Getting Married Before You’re 23” she wrote, and the aftermath that followed (spoiler alert: death threats).  Get inspired to step out of your comfort zone!

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10/17/13 The “Twenties Pie”

It’s episode 2 of 2 for this special week! Brenda rambles about cold weather, travel tips, relationships, and what the twenties should really be about: pie?

5/1/13 “Live” from Seattle

Another special travel edition: Seattle style! Brenda shoots the shit with her friend Charles about TSA stories (again), what the people are like in Seattle, moving to a new state with no network, and address a fan email.

4/24/13 “Live” from San Francisco

Special travel edition: SF style. Brenda shoots the shit with her friend Kenny about moving to a new city for work, making new friends, online dating, and why third-wheeling can be a good thing. This is the BEST EPISODE SO FAR, so listen to this one if anything!