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11/20/13 Edward Hong

The Cinnabon Monster takes his title seriously. Photographed by Melly Lee
The Cinnabon Monster takes his title seriously. Photographed by Melly Lee

Brenda sits down with actor Edward Hong and discusses the struggles of the acting life. Edward shares the difficulty of dating in LA, how his relationship with his father helped him in acting, and his first experience starring in an indie film, Dawn of the Crescent Moon which premieres in 2014! (Sorry for audio issues and a bit of echo at the end, we had some technical difficulties!) Continue reading

11/13/13 Should I Work for Free?

Brenda talks about Super Typhoon Haiyan, global warming, and rants about people asking others to work for free. So let’s ask the question: should you ever work for free? (Hint: the answer is no, sort of.)

Extra credit link: www.shouldiworkforfree.com

9/27/13 Episode 22

Brenda is back in the working world! She talks about how she got her new job, reflects on her months of unemployment, and does it all while driving during rush hour. Yay another un-edited haphazard car episode! (WARNING: terrible singing happens.)

5/15/13 – The Postgrad Dilemma pt. 2


This is part 2 of the jobs-after-college talk. Brenda talks about how getting a job is like dating, gives advice for new grads, and answers some fan questions. If you’re about to graduate college or change jobs, this is for you–and don’t worry, this episode’s not so depressing. [Intro song: Stevie Wonder – “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”]

5/08/13 – The Postgrad Dilemma pt. 1


Part 1 of the jobs-after-college-talk! Brenda reads some emails about experience vs. money, the secret to how to find work with a “useless” major, and then shares her personal postgrad experience with work, depression, and even therapy. This episode gets real. [Intro song: DANakaDAN – “Red (Die Another Day)”]