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10/16/13 Woman Thoughts?

Brenda talks in traffic about the movie Don Jon, why women take shit too literally, defends Miley Cyrus, and questions why she hates women who talk like “girls” to get what they want. Oh yeah and #StarbucksDrakeHands.

10/03/13 Misconceptions About Make-up

If you could look like ScarJo with the power of make-up, you'd use it too.
If you could look like ScarJo with the power of make-up, you’d use it too.

Traffic rant! Brenda gets heated talking about a girl’s evolution of make-up, how it’s unfair to judge a woman by her make-up, and why you shouldn’t tell a girl she doesn’t need make-up! Bitches!

(P.S. I forgot to talk about the thing I wanted to talk about at the end. Dammit.)

6/05/13 Relationship Red Flags

Brenda brings her boyfriend Henry onto the show! They read and discuss 5 toxic types of men/women to date, acceptable levels of PDA, and when to be jealous. And no, that’s not a bong you hear in the background, alright guys? [Intro song: Bruno Mars – “Runaway Baby”]

5/22/13 Mars and Venus

Brenda talks out of her ass about why men/women do the things they do. She gets into why women wear crazy high heels, the endless toilet seat debate, and why the “friendzone” is complete bullshit. [Intro song: The Black Keys – “Howling for You”]