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11/5/15 The Loneliest Number(s)

It’s hard making new friends after college. It’s also hard keeping friends after college. Friendship is hard, yet vital to our well-being. Brenda gets into the ugly truth of the trap of saying no, and some advice to cope with sudden loneliness one gets in their twenties.

8/26/15 Vanessa Elizabeth (Wander Onwards)

Photo courtesy of wanderonwards.org
Photo courtesy of wanderonwards.org

Brenda talks to fellow twentysomething (and high school alumnus), Vanessa Elizabeth of the travel and lifestyle blog, Wander Onwards. Vanessa shares her early feelings of finding something better, just how the hell did she end up living in China, and just a few of the struggles of living abroad. They then discuss feeling unsafe in America vs. other countries, and the wealth of tips for cheap traveling. Also, OF COURSE, she talks about the insanely viral article “23 Things To Do Other Than Getting Married Before You’re 23” she wrote, and the aftermath that followed (spoiler alert: death threats).  Get inspired to step out of your comfort zone!

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7/22/15 Jenny Yang

Photo by Jim Selda, NBC News
Photo by Jim Selda, NBC News

Brenda sits with Jenny Yang: comedian and writer, producer of Dis/orient/ed Comedy, co-host of Angry Asian America, and all-around badass. Jenny shares some experiences from her youth that helped shape the person she is today, the quarter-life crisis that she muscled through leading up to a career transition, and what it really means to be an artist.

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6/30/15 Dealing with Negativity

Fight those demons!
Fight those demons!

Brenda shares her experience of two types of negative people in the world, and gives advice on how to handle them–so you don’t become one yourself. Also having made the leap to self-employment, she encourages you to no longer be afraid!

10/16/14 Cultural Burden

Imagine some heavy weights on me or something.
Imagine some invisible weights on me or something.

Today’s episode covers Brenda’s perspective on being a 2nd generation immigrant, and what it feels to bear a cultural / child of immigrants’ burden, especially in today’s society. Hopefully this sheds some light on the subject and lifts the weight off the shoulders of some people!

8/14/13 “I Studied a ‘Useless’ Major! Help!”

You can forget that suicide pact now, Susan. The future is bright again!
You can forget that suicide pact now, Susan. The future is bright again!

Brenda talks about how THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A USELESS MAJOR! So stop crying! Then she discusses how it’s absolutely possible to change gears in your career choices. General motivational episode! [Intro song: Dumbfoundead – “Are We There Yet”]


Brenda talks about how she HATES Facebook and Instagram–more specifically, the way people use them. This episode is all about the culture of posting everything, how we feel envious and jealous on social media, why this is perfectly normal, and general bitching! [Intro song: The Strokes – “Juicebox”]

If you want to do more reading, here is the article with more information: “Selfie-Loathing.”

5/22/13 Mars and Venus

Brenda talks out of her ass about why men/women do the things they do. She gets into why women wear crazy high heels, the endless toilet seat debate, and why the “friendzone” is complete bullshit. [Intro song: The Black Keys – “Howling for You”]

Quarter-Life Crisis, the Podcast: 4/10/13 Episode 1

Get ready, I’m launching my very first podcast, aptly titled:


You can start listening to it today, right here (soon to be available on iTunes). I aim to have a new episode every Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe (RSS feed here). It is unscripted, unedited, and very honest, so bear with my growing pains as I try to exercise my voice and explore my own (and others’) experiences of becoming an “adult.” Enjoy.

It’s the very first episode! And it is every bit of awkward as you would expect. Brenda talks out of her ass about why she’s doing this podcast, why is the “quarter-life crisis” so fascinating, and 7 skills one must develop in their twenties. [Intro song: Dumbfoundead – “Born For This”]