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9/29/14 Funemployed, Again

Rise and shine, mofuckas.
Rise and shine, mofuckas.

Happy Monday, everybody! Brenda embarks on a rather familiar journey of her life: (f)unemployment. She goes into detail of what happened, and dissects the fresh thought process that went through her head in the hours afterward. The question still remains: what’s the next step?

9/10/14 Reevaluating Your Unhappiness (or Your Life)

Yes. I’m back. The podcast is back.

It’s what inside that matters. But not everyone is made of trees, so there’s that.

I can explain. Hopefully, you can understand. Continue reading

2/12/13 Breaking Up with Your Job


Finally, the cat is out of the bag: Brenda is QUITTING her job for another opportunity! She talks about all the reasons for her decision, when’s the right time to leave your job, and why you can get away with this in your twenties. Hesitant to dump your employer? Then let this episode inspire you. [Intro song: Beyoncé – “Yonce”]

1/30/14 Benefits of Living at Home

Free food isn't the best part, but it's up there.
Free food isn’t the best part, but it’s up there.

After a bad day at work, Brenda discusses what she thinks is the best part about living at home after college. Then she digs into how to approach jobs, and what a Quarter-Life Crisis is like for 2nd-generation Americans like herself. [Intro song: ODESZA – “My Friends Never Die”]

11/13/13 Should I Work for Free?

Brenda talks about Super Typhoon Haiyan, global warming, and rants about people asking others to work for free. So let’s ask the question: should you ever work for free? (Hint: the answer is no, sort of.)

Extra credit link: www.shouldiworkforfree.com

10/23/13 Melly Lee

Portrait photographer Melly Lee, as photographed by...Melly Lee.
Portrait photographer Melly Lee, photographed by…Melly Lee.

Photographer Melly Lee is on the podcast! Brenda and Melly talk about their alma mater art school days, how Melly’s freelance career has grown, when to turn down jobs, why failing is good for you, and when you should just say “fuck it!” Sorry for the background noise, we recorded in a coffee shop ~*cause we’re artsy like that.*~ [Intro song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Ten Thousand Hours”] Continue reading

9/27/13 Episode 22

Brenda is back in the working world! She talks about how she got her new job, reflects on her months of unemployment, and does it all while driving during rush hour. Yay another un-edited haphazard car episode! (WARNING: terrible singing happens.)

9/18/13 Adrian Zaw

Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW Studios poses pensively. Photo by Jarod Su.
Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW Studios and wears about a hundred other hats as well

Brenda visits Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW STUDIOS to discuss how he came to be a business owner, the secret to success, and why he dropped out of college! (Sorry for the echo, we recorded this on two mics!) [Intro song: Dumbfoundead – “Are We There Yet”]

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9/11/13 Networking, Bitches!

This is, contrary to popular belief, not what networking is about.
This is, contrary to popular belief, not what networking is about.

AND WE’RE BACK! Brenda talks about lawnmowers, the misconceptions of networking, and how just being a decent human being is important. [Intro song: Earth, Wind, & Fire – “September”]