I’m Brenda, and this is where I write and talk about the growing pains and joys of surviving in this world.

I live in the massive LA area. I’m a twenty-something.  I’m an Asian-American artist interested in how people think and work. I’m fascinated with cultures, banality, word cadence, thought process, speech, death, and life.

Whether you laugh with me or at me, you’re trying to “get” life, just like me.

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  1. Daniel Lief


    I’ve produced the movie, Promoted, which is a raunchy comedy that comes out on August 25th, starring Samm Levine and Aries Spears. One of the main characters is an authoritative Chinese boss named Mr. Chang, who is played by Clint Jung. His wife Lu Chang, is played by Jennie Kwan (California Dreams). Would you be interested in having them come on to discuss the movie, how Asians are portrayed in American Comedies, etc?

    you can check the movie out at promoted-movie.com


    Daniel Lief
    310 954 7998

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