9/29/14 Funemployed, Again

Rise and shine, mofuckas.
Rise and shine, mofuckas.

Happy Monday, everybody! Brenda embarks on a rather familiar journey of her life: (f)unemployment. She goes into detail of what happened, and dissects the fresh thought process that went through her head in the hours afterward. The question still remains: what’s the next step?

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  1. Kristine Hoang

    Hey Brenda! I know this is super random, but I found your site randomly through my boyfriend Paul Bernabe. I’m on the same boat: figuring out what the career I want to create for myself is (which I’ve learned is a combination of things rather than one thing), not wanting to work for anyone (currently self-employed), and still figuring out how to make self-employment work. It was refreshing to hear your perspective on your situation – just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one going through this, and that I think this situation will only lead to better things for you.

    – Kristine

    • Brenda

      Thanks so very much Kristine for listening and commenting. It’s always refreshing and surprising to hear how far my podcast stretches, and I’m very glad to hear this episode resounded with you. Best of luck to you on your similar self-employment journey, I can’t wait to hear great things with your name on them!

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