9/10/14 Reevaluating Your Unhappiness (or Your Life)

Yes. I’m back. The podcast is back.

It’s what inside that matters. But not everyone is made of trees, so there’s that.

I can explain. Hopefully, you can understand.

Obligatory description for iTunes:

Holy shit, it’s been a while. Brenda discusses her recent (real-life) episode of experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis and how she dealt with life shitting on her, which should teach you a valuable lesson on handling the unhappy in your own life. This includes intimate talk and a personal confession shared publicly for the first time. AND WE’RE BACK! [Intro: Paperwhite – “Got Me Goin (Robotaki Remix)”]

On a real note for those who landed on this page, I really struggled with opening up to do this episode for a long time. It has bugged me for months, but I felt I had to take some time off to really learn and digest what the fuck life had to teach me, before I could even try to explain, let alone teach an audience–which is what I try to do in almost each one of my podcast episodes. Honest. As hard as that may be to believe.

I’m sorry if you were expecting a cheerier comeback, but I had to get this out of my system once and for all, before I could move on to real shit. I’ve also had to battle myself when deciding when it’s best to talk or comment on my life or some current news event. I am no better informed than the average millenial that browses the internet. It just so happens that I am a little more self-perceptive than others, so I shrink when I think I have something to say or share.

Long story short, I’m struggling with when to talk, and/or how to talk about my thoughts and feelings.

I think, I finally broke my silence because I had to make sure I still had a voice. I was afraid I had lost it. After all, one of the biggest reasons I began producing Quarter-Life Crisis in the first place, was to exercise my voice, mentally and physically. So after a long and sudden hiatus, I’m quite out of shape but here I am attempting to hit the weights (a metaphor that my body wishes I could reenact in real life–huh what?).

So please excuse the dust and bear with me. And sorry for this long-winded apology. It will probably be one of very very very few apologies I will ever write out regarding my lack of habit or poor production/performance/etc. I’m a young woman still trying to figure this shit out.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Asshole.

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