11/20/13 Edward Hong

The Cinnabon Monster takes his title seriously. Photographed by Melly Lee
The Cinnabon Monster takes his title seriously. Photographed by Melly Lee

Brenda sits down with actor Edward Hong and discusses the struggles of the acting life. Edward shares the difficulty of dating in LA, how his relationship with his father helped him in acting, and his first experience starring in an indie film, Dawn of the Crescent Moon which premieres in 2014! (Sorry for audio issues and a bit of echo at the end, we had some technical difficulties!)


Website: http://edwardhong.net
Actor Profile: IMDB.com
Facebook: CinnabonMonster
Twitter: @CinnabonMonster
Instagram: @cinnabonmonster

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  1. Jim

    I love your podcast however you do it, but i hated this podcast just cause of the voice quality. In the beginning it was already hard to hear Edwards voice, not sure if it was a microphone not plugged in all the way or w/e but then once he really lost all microphone it was terrible to listen to 🙁 Please just record this the way you normally do. i prefer background noise than to not being able to hear someone at all. Don’t go back to ZawStudios!

    • Brenda

      thanks for the critique! what happened was the computer that edward’s mic was plugged into decided to bug out and it stopped recording halfway through, before we started another sound file. it was our bad (mine included) for not catching it right away, so i wouldn’t say it’s the fault of Zaw Studios. though, he was quiet in the beginning as we couldn’t speak loudly. i’m definitely trying to figure out what’s the most efficient way to have guests on, so i’m working through it. 😡

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