10/23/13 Melly Lee

Portrait photographer Melly Lee, as photographed by...Melly Lee.
Portrait photographer Melly Lee, photographed by…Melly Lee.

Photographer Melly Lee is on the podcast! Brenda and Melly talk about their alma mater art school days, how Melly’s freelance career has grown, when to turn down jobs, why failing is good for you, and when you should just say “fuck it!” Sorry for the background noise, we recorded in a coffee shop ~*cause we’re artsy like that.*~ [Intro song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Ten Thousand Hours”]


Website: http://mellylee.com
Blog: http://blog.mellylee.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mellyleephotography
Twitter: @MELLYLEE_
Instagram: @mellylee_

…Also, since you came this far, here’s a bonus picture of Melly hunting a peacock (she was serious!):


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  2. Jibril

    This podcast is easily the highlight of my week! Plus, it’s always great when you have guests on the show because it’s such a relief to know that even twenty-somethings who seem to have their lives working perfectly still have struggles.

  3. Lucy

    This was really inspiring to listen to. Thank you for doing. Both of you guys said some things that are definitely food for thought.

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