10/03/13 Misconceptions About Make-up

If you could look like ScarJo with the power of make-up, you'd use it too.
If you could look like ScarJo with the power of make-up, you’d use it too.

Traffic rant! Brenda gets heated talking about a girl’s evolution of make-up, how it’s unfair to judge a woman by her make-up, and why you shouldn’t tell a girl she doesn’t need make-up! Bitches!

(P.S. I forgot to talk about the thing I wanted to talk about at the end. Dammit.)

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  1. kristen

    I AGREE. i really liked that you focused on that women are still trying to figure out what looks best on them. for me, i know make up can help me look better. i don’t wear it because it’s expensive and i don’t want people to expect me to look a certain way everyday. hahaha.
    there are men specific cosmetic products for tired eyes and skin blemishes etc. no one has to be embarrassed if they do something to enhance their looks with makeup.

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