9/18/13 Adrian Zaw

Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW Studios poses pensively. Photo by Jarod Su.
Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW Studios and wears about a hundred other hats as well

Brenda visits Adrian Zaw, owner of ZAW STUDIOS to discuss how he came to be a business owner, the secret to success, and why he dropped out of college! (Sorry for the echo, we recorded this on two mics!) [Intro song: Dumbfoundead – “Are We There Yet”]

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ZAW Studios on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ZawStudios


Also, a bonus teaser video we did at the studio while I was there. Why not!

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  1. Kristen

    true depression is feeling depressed even when you know everything is going great and I don’t think many really understand depression the way clinically diagnosed depressed persons experience it. depression is not selfish. wanting to commit suicide may be selfish… but having trouble coping w feelings and having depression in itself is not selfish.

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