7/31/13 Racist Alert: “Asian Girlz” Music Video

This poor chick got “career” exposure in the worst way.

Alright, it’s about that time. Brenda brings to your attention some RACIST BULLSHIT going down lately: a music video called “Asian Girlz.” RAGE MODE! She talks about why this is not okay, why Asians are usually the butt of every “joke,” and why you should be pissed. [Intro song: Kero One (ft. Tablo, Myk & Dumbfoundead) – “Asian Kids”)

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  1. Jeff

    Brenda (or whoever else may be interested)

    If you want to understand the origins of western (i.e white) racism, stereotypes, ignorance and the western belief in its superiority vis-à-vis other races, societies and cultures I would recommend reading the classic fundamental works, Orientalism (1978), by Edward W. Saïd and Machines as the Measure of Men (1989) by Michael Adas.

  2. Jibril

    I did some searching after listening and found a music video from a year ago by the band Chester French called Black Girls. The video doesn’t pull in any stereotypes, but the girl on girl action in the video seems odd. Any thoughts on it?

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