6/12/13 EJ Koh

EJ Koh

Meet Korean-American poet and author EJ Koh and her boyfriend, graphic designer Cheikh Clark. This is Brenda’s favorite episode so far because it is LOADED: from roommate memories to Korean prejudice towards interracial couples, from dildo art to femininity, from the struggles of an artist to how creatives function in a relationship. And of course, EJ describes the experience of writing and publishing her first novel, Red.


Website: http://thisisejkoh.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/thisisEJkoh
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thisisEJkoh

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  2. Jibril

    Haha, I loved the comparison between poetry and Baskin Robbins. I definitely agree that not all poetry is for everybody, but if people look around enough you’re bound to stumble across something that’s interesting to them. For anyone who claims not to like poetry, I always direct them to slam poetry because it’s a lot more accessible.

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