5/22/13 Mars and Venus

Brenda talks out of her ass about why men/women do the things they do. She gets into why women wear crazy high heels, the endless toilet seat debate, and why the “friendzone” is complete bullshit. [Intro song: The Black Keys – “Howling for You”]

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  1. female

    If anyone dresses in a way that is different from what I’m used to seeing (which may or may not be revealing) I’m gonna be distracted and I’m gonna look at them. If a female is walking around topless or wearing a really revealing top, I’m super distracted and will have trouble “acting normal”. I’m not attracted to boobs, but I’ll look or have an awkward time trying to look away. I don’t blame guys for looking… but try to be decent?? I am a female….I dress nicely for compliments, not sex. It’s okay to hit on people, just take the hint if they aren’t interested.

    People who don’t remember names don’t TRY to remember names. It is easier for some, but everyone needs to make an effort.

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