5/08/13 – The Postgrad Dilemma pt. 1


Part 1 of the jobs-after-college-talk! Brenda reads some emails about experience vs. money, the secret to how to find work with a “useless” major, and then shares her personal postgrad experience with work, depression, and even therapy. This episode gets real. [Intro song: DANakaDAN – “Red (Die Another Day)”]

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  1. EJ Koh

    Hey, B – really loved the combination of personal content and humor. I think this week’s podcast make me appreciate a lot of things around me, but also take a second look at the things I can cut away from my life. So funny how you mentioned therapy as shocking. For a second there, I forgot that you’re right and that most Asian American families and even in groups of friends, therapy is still considered so taboo.

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