4/24/13 “Live” from San Francisco

Special travel edition: SF style. Brenda shoots the shit with her friend Kenny about moving to a new city for work, making new friends, online dating, and why third-wheeling can be a good thing. This is the BEST EPISODE SO FAR, so listen to this one if anything!

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  1. Wild Bill

    That was a great podcast! Thoroughly enjoyed it on my flight home. On the topic of people crying, I would like to say that I think it’s pansy for both girls/guys to cry when there’s nothing at stake. However, I think it’s pretty respectable to cry when you feel passionately about something so deeply that it draws you to tears (Kenny feeling deeply passionate about freedom crying when listening to Boston Bruins fans belt out the national anthem, a grown ass man tearing up when seeing Kobe Bryant struggle to walk after tearing his achilles because of his passion for the game of basketball, a college student tearing up as his parents leave because he loves his parents). I think that passionate expression of crying is respectable, and maybe even pretty attractive, in that somebody loves and cares for something so much there’s an emotional connection to it.

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